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wine tasing notes Friday September 29, 2000


I wanted to say thanks to Ike and Steve Savina of GrapeVine Market for the GREAT wine tasting on Friday Sept. 29 and for everyone who attended.  The wine tasting was "Rhone versus Napa" with 3 different Syrahs.  Ike's format was to serve each wine in a bag, so as to not reveal which wine we were sampling.  It was our task to distinguish old world wine against new world wine.  The 3 wines we sampled were:

A: Domaine du Trapadis       Cotes du Rhone 97

B: Domaine de Beaurenard Chateauneuf du Pape 97

C : 97 Selby Syran from California


The group swore, myself included, that the old world wine was C, instead it was the only one from the States.  Ike also had 2 types of cheese to go with the wine: Dry Montera jack hard cheese whose exterior was coca and Gruyere L Etivaz. The Domaine du Trapadis Cotes du Rhone 97 was the groups favorite.  I purchased a bottle a took it to Jessica's party that night.  The next wine tasting at GrapeVine Market is the last Friday of the month, Oct. 27.  The wines TBD, so please look for a future email.